CTEK XS 0.8 EU Battery Charger

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Professional battery care

Flat battery? Help is on the way, care of CTEK, a leading developer of highly efficient battery chargers for motorbikes and other vehicles. By using patented technology, battery chargers from CTEK don't just fulfill the increasing charging needs of modern batteries; they condition and maintain them too. In this way, their life expectancy is raised, and the user saves money. Safety, simplicity and flexibility are the key words here, which apply to all of the products and solutions developed by CTEK.



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  • CTEK XS 0.8 EU Battery Charger

    CTEK XS 0.8 Battery Charger

    The XS 0.8 is CTEK's smallest 12V charger. It offers state-of-the-art technology and is perfect for charging smaller 12V batteries, as used in motorbikes, jet skis, ATVs, lawnmowers etc.
    It is also suitable for maintenance charging "normal-sized" batteries such as car batteries. The unique display enables the user to follow the entire charging process.
    The XS 0.8 is a compact and fully automatic 6-step charger for 12V batteries from 1.2 to 32 Ah and for maintenance charging up to 100 Ah.
    The XS 0.8 features IP 65 enclosure protection (splash- & dust-proof), delivers 0.8 A and protects the vehicle electronics. It is non-sparking, reverse polarity protected and short-circuit proof.


    • IP65
    • 230 V
    • Capacity 1.2 - 32 Ah (maintenance charging 1.2 - 100 Ah)
    • Charging current 0.8 A
    • Dimensions 142 x 51 x 36 mm (LxWxH)
    • Weight 0.3 kg
    • Ambient temperature -20°C to +50°C


    • CTEK XS 0.8 Battery Charger
    • Cable set with clip connectors for quick connection
    • Cable set with ring terminals (M6) for permanent connection to the battery
    • Multilingual operating instructions

    Suitable for all types of 12V lead acid batteries (wet, maintenance-free, AGM, calcium/calcium and gel - VLRA)

  • CTEK XS 0.8 EU Battery Charger

    CTEK XS 0.8 EU Battery Charger

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    Product details
    Suitable to starter batteries with 12V
    Charging current (max.) 800 mA
    Charging characteristic IUoUp
    Number of LED status indicators 8 LED´s
    Special Features
    Overview of product features
    Suitable for conventional lead acid batteries checkmark
    Suitable for maintenance-free gel batteries checkmark
    Suitable for maintenance-free AGM batteries checkmark
    Suitable for pure lead batteries
    Suitable for 12V Lithium-Ion starter batteries
    CAN bus compatible
    Intelligent charging technology checkmark
    Short-circuit proof checkmark
    Automatic charging current adaptation checkmark
    Automatic charging shutdown checkmark
    Reactivation of deeply discharged batteries
    Trickle charging checkmark
    Desulphation function checkmark
    Automatic battery test before charging