Gilles Stump Handlebar "variobar GT2"
Adjustable, TÜV


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Sporty accessories for motorbikes

Each of the high-quality accessories engineered by Gerhard Gilles' company optimises both the functioning and the look of your motorbike. The company founder is a former motorbike racer and CNC machinist, so he knows exactly what keen bikers really want. The first customisable footrest systems he designed hit the nail on the head in the motorbike scene. And the same is true today for many other finely machined components from Gilles Tooling. The proof is clear to see in the reviews posted by Louis customers.

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  • Product information



    This product is made of high-quality CNC-machined aluminium and will look great on your motorbike.

    To ensure that it gives you many years of service, please observe the following care instructions:

    1. After installing the product, and each time you wash your motorbike, apply a wax-based care product, e.g. Procycle Polishing Wax, Order no. 10004923 for protection against wind and weather. You may need to repeat the application after an outing in winter weather, rain or salty air (near the coast).

    2. Remove any corrosion as soon as possible using a standard aluminium polish (e.g. Autosol Aluminium Polish, Order no. 10004421).

    Product information



    Technical accessories whose operational safety depends not only on their own strength and function, but also on proper installation on the vehicle, are often supplied with a TÜV (German Technical Inspection Association) certificate. The user is obliged to have such accessories immediately registered in the vehicle papers by a TÜV test centre. This also involves the TÜV inspector checking the vehicle's operational safety. A charge is made for such registration.
    Today, TÜV reports are increasingly issued for specific types of vehicle. However, no manufacturer is able (e.g. for cost reasons) to have their products tested on all vehicles which might use them. If a vehicle model is not listed, it is the inspector who has to decide about registration on the basis of his technical expertise; the strength of the product and its roadworthiness are confirmed by the existing TÜV report.
    Since 2002, TÜV only accepts component certificates which include verification of the manufacturer's quality management system according to the requirements of §19 Appendix XIX of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) in the form of a valid certification document. Older reports can now only be used in exceptional circumstances in the course of a full technical inspection (Bauratabnahme), but the inspector is by no means obliged to make the entry in the papers.

    Gilles Stump Handlebar "variobar GT2"
    Adjustable, TÜV

    GILLES-TOOLING is renowned for making a good thing even better. And the *Variobar* modular clip-on handlebar is a case in point. One of the upgrades with the *Variobar GT2* is that the clamps and side-arms are tailor-made for the individual application. This means that every millimetre of available space is utilised optimally. For more biking enjoyment.

    The *Variobar GT2* is a vehicle-specific bespoke clip-on handlebar, with which the steering position can be modified in 3 directions.

    The design means that the handlebar is brought 15 mm closer to the rider, while the high-precision locking allows the angle of inclination of the handlebar tubes to be altered by up to -8°, in 3 steps. In addition, all *Variobar GT2* handlebars come with a model-specific rise (see "Adjustment ranges"). These adjustment options with the Variobar enable you to fully utilise the possible changes to the handlebar position without having to make a cutout in the fairing or any other alterations to your bike. All parts required for installation are included.

    Adjustment ranges:
    Example: *Variobar GT2* H:+55mm" means: Due to the fixed side-arm, this Variobar is 55 mm higher than the OEM handlebar.


    • No need to make a cutout in the fairing
    • Angle of inclination adjustable in 3 positions: 0°/-4°/-8°
    • All parts required for installation are included.
    • Replaceable handlebar tubes
    • Colour: Black anodised
    • Ultralight aluminium design
    • TÜV component test certificate
    • Handlebar can be extended with optional handlebar weights, see "Compatible products"
  • MOTORRAD NEWS Issue 9-2013

    In it 9-2013 issue, "Motorrad News" magazine tested various clip-on handlebars for the BMW S 1000 RR. The Gilles Variobar scored 11 out of a possible 15 points in the final rankings, and the following features were given special mention:

    - Great look
    - Good installation instructions
    - Super quality of make
    - Comfortable and suitable for touring on country roads

    (One handlebar in the test scored 13 out of 15 points; two others tied for second place with 11 points)

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