Hartmann Square Chain +
Brake Disc Lock


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Locking and security technology

A good lock is still the best deterrent to motorcycle theft. Premium locks from hartmann offer tried-and-tested security technology and good value for money. These powerful units combine extremely tough materials and sophisticated technology. Be it a chain, brake disc or helmet lock, hartmann locks are the bane of every thief's life!



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  • Hartmann Square Chain +
    Brake Disc Lock

    A dark street, poorly lit, not many people around - the perfect place for thieves and other miscreants to go about their business. So if this is where you have to leave your favourite motorbike, it's a good idea to always have this lock set from Hartmann at the ready. The brake disc lock and sturdy square chain make life very difficult for would-be bike thieves.

    Square chain:
    Made of "specially hardened steel" with loop. Covered with a strong fabric sleeve to prevent scratching.

    • Length: approx. 120 cm
    • Chain thickness: 9.5 mm

    Weight: approx. 2600 g

    Brake disc/U-lock:

    • With reinforced lock body made of hardened steel
    • Hardened chrome molybdenum 13mm shackle
    • Impervious to bolt cutters, bell hammers and drills
    • Impervious to hammers and saws
    • Drill-resistant
    • Pick-resistant
    • Can be combined with a chain
    • Includes 2 keys and a lock bag
    • Dimensions: (W x H x D) approx. 80 x 140 x 35 mm
    • Throat depth approx. 60 mm

    Weight: approx. 970 g

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