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Kettenmax "Louis Edition"
Chain Clean & Lube Device

Review: 4.04 out of 5


Manufacturer details: Kettenmax-Premium

Product information

Chain bucket for motorcycle

It was just for private use on his own motorcycle that Josef Pesl began working on designing a cleaning system for drive chains. But because all his friends and acquaintances suddenly wanted to own such a handy piece of kit for themselves, he soon began to mass produce them. The Kettenmax is now patented globally and has a first class reputation - not only in Europe - as the clean solution for those who want to preserve the performance of their chains.

Catalogue page: 699


Order no. 10003114



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    The Louis Special Editions. Co-developed by Louis, customised in response to wishes expressed by you, produced by well-known manufacturers, and available only from us. This is what makes our exclusive products special. Look for the tag "Only from Louis" and the bargain prices.

    Product information




    Kettenmax "Louis Edition"
    Chain Clean & Lube Device

    A tidy solution! The combination of cleaning and lubrication system ensures long chain life.

    • The entire drive set (chain and sprockets) is perfectly cleaned, lubricated and protected against rust.
    • Extends service life by 200 - 300%, which saves you the cost of early replacement
    • Much lower maintenance. A chain maintained with Kettenmax stretches 30% less, which means lots more miles before it needs tightening.
    • More power to the rear wheel. Chain friction is a cause of power loss between engine and tyre. Chain care with Kettenmax considerably reduces friction, which means more horsepower is transmitted to the rear wheel.
    • Lubricant is not flung off onto the rear tyre, firstly, because it is sprayed on in small, measured amounts and, secondly, because of precise application and distribution. Tested on the race track.
    • The lubricant does not spray onto the frame or wheel rim. The lubricant spray is applied direct to the inner side of the chain by the Kettenmax system.
    • Very economical use of cleaner and lubricant because they only go where they are needed, with no waste. This saves you money and is good for the environment.
    • The chain runs smoothly, and gear changing is more responsive. Chain care with Kettenmax prevents chain slap, clanking and squeal, The reward for Kettenmax care is a quietly purring chain accompanied by precise gear shifting with minimum effort.
    • Increased safety. The most common cause of a broken chain is inadequate care. Increased friction and heat lead to premature wear and weaken the chain. Chain care with Kettenmax effectively prevents this, and therefore greatly helps improve safety.
    • Easy to dispose of. The contaminated and excess fluids are removed and collected in a controlled manner. Environmentally friendly disposal of problematic substances.
    • Comprises: Kettenmax, range of tubes and adapter for spray cans, fill-it-yourself pump bottle plus detailed operating instructions. Please order chain cleaner separately.
    • To watch a video showing each step, click the "Video" button under "Further product info".
    • Photos of the Kettenmax in use are shown under "Further images".
  • Review: 4 out of 5

    Written on 04.09.2017 11:56

    Date of purchase:

    Ketten Reinigungs und Schmiergerät

    Gutes Gerät aber auch nur für die Kette, Zahnrad am Motor und Hinterrad muss man vorher reinigen sonst schmiert das immer wieder die Kette voll.

    Reviewed by:

    Review: 5 out of 5

    Written on 10.08.2017 18:47

    Date of purchase:

    Effizient und Sauber

    Natürlich gibt es Methoden, bei denen man die Kette abnimmt und in Diesel einlegt, bürstet und mit Lumpen abzieht. Selbstverständlich kommen dabei nahezu perfekte Ergebnisse bei rum. Wer allerdings eine sehr schnelle, einfache und saubere Möglichkeit sucht, seine Kette zu putzen, wird hier glücklich. Ergebnis nicht perfekt, aber einfacher ist es wohl nicht mehr umzusetzen. Die richtige Menge des Lösungsmittels einfach durch probieren herausfinden. Zudem soll erwähnt sein, dass das Schmieren per Kettenmax wenig Sinn macht. Die Bürsten würden das Kettenfett direkt wieder abnehmen. Da diese abnehmbar sind umgeht man auch dieses Problem.

    Zusammenfassend: Tolle Idee, saubere Umsetzung und 5 Sterne

    Reviewed by:
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