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Kettenmax Premium Chain
Cleaning & Lube Device

Review: 3.48 out of 5


Manufacturer details: Kettenmax-Premium

Product information

Chain bucket for motorcycle

It was just for private use on his own motorcycle that Josef Pesl began working on designing a cleaning system for drive chains. But because all his friends and acquaintances suddenly wanted to own such a handy piece of kit for themselves, he soon began to mass produce them. The Kettenmax is now patented globally and has a first class reputation - not only in Europe - as the clean solution for those who want to preserve the performance of their chains.

Catalogue page: 698


Order no. 10003115


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  • Kettenmax Premium Chain
    Cleaning & Lube Device

    Chain care with Kettenmax Premium
    Fully redeveloped with greatly enhanced ease of use, Kettenmax Premium offers even more compelling benefits:

    • This complete solution contains chain cleaner and lubricant from S100.
    • Chain Cleaner (250 ml) and Chain Spray (75 ml) attach to the Kettenmax directly via the connections provided. No decanting required.
    • Brushes to fit every chain (21 in total). You select the brushes using the templates supplied. Cutting to size is no longer necessary.
    • More compact - simply attach to the chain, also near the wheel rim.
    • Secure and tight seal thanks to the newly designed upper and lower box; improved closure.
    • The new drain bag attaches to the Kettenmax itself. Excess cleaner and lubricant is safely collected, allowing for environmentally friendly disposal. The drain bag is reusable. A closed, clean and environmentally friendly system.
    • Fixing is now faster and more straightforward thanks to the new quick-release fastener. Depending on the type of motorcycle, the Kettenmax can be attached at the front, rear or on either side.
    • The product comes with the best liquid cleaner and the ideal spray. S 100 has developed a new product for use in conjunction with Kettenmax and its action has been tailored to produce the optimum results.
    • High-quality material, sturdy construction, long service life and excellent design.
    • To watch a video showing each step, click the "Videos" button under "Further product info".

    Advantages of Kettenmax chain care:
    The entire drive set (chain and sprockets) is perfectly cleaned, lubricated and protected against rust.

    • Extends service life by 200 - 300%, which saves you the cost of early replacement
    • Much lower maintenance. A chain maintained with Kettenmax stretches 30% less, which means lots more miles before it needs tightening.
    • More power to the rear wheel. Chain friction is a cause of power loss between engine and tyre. Chain care with Kettenmax considerably reduces friction, which means more horsepower is transmitted to the rear wheel.
    • Lubricant is not flung off onto the rear tyre, firstly, because it is sprayed on in small, measured amounts and, secondly, because of precise application and distribution. Tested on the race track.
    • Lubricant does not spray onto the frame or wheel rim. The lubricant spray is applied direct to the inner side of the chain by the Kettenmax system.
    • Very economical use of cleaner and lubricant because they only go where they are needed, with no waste. This saves you money and is good for the environment.
    • The reward for Kettenmax care is exact gear-shifting with minimum effort.
    • The chain runs smoothly, and gear changing is more responsive. And it prevents chain slap, clanking and squeal, resulting in a quietly purring chain and greater safety.
    • The most common cause of a broken chain is inadequate care. Increased friction and heat lead to premature wear and weaken the chain. Chain care with Kettenmax effectively prevents this, and therefore greatly helps improve safety.

    Comprises: 1 upper box, 1 lower box with screw connection for drain bag, 3 double-row spray brushes, 4 side cleaning brushes (red), 4 side cleaning brushes (green), 4 side cleaning brushes (blue), 4 side cleaning brushes (black), 2 wipers, 3 threaded nozzles, 1 rubber closure, 1 drain bag with screw top, 1 lubrication adapter, 1 large hook, 2 small hooks, 2 cords with quick fastener, 1 long connecting tube, 2 short connecting tubes, 1 Y connector, chain templates, screw top with hose connector, 1 S100 Chain Cleaner 250 ml, 1 S100 Chain Spray 75 ml.

  • MOPPED Issue 07-2007

    The verdict from "mopped" magazine was:

    • Great for regular and year-round bikers. Now even more user-friendly...
    MOTORRADFAHRER Issue 06-2007

    Test verdict from "Motorradfahrer" magazine:

    • Chain cleaning may not be absolutely essential, but regular lubrication certainly is. The Kettenmax does both of these jobs really well, in both ecological and economical terms..."

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