Motogadget LED T. Signal Light mo.blaze

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High Class Instruments & Accessories - MADE IN GERMANY

Anyone who is serious about customising cannot fail to appreciate the quality of motogadget products. In no time at all, the Berlin-based manufacturer has achieved virtually cult status with its high-class instruments. The reason is the exceptional functionality of motogadget products, but most importantly their extremely clean design, high-quality materials, top engineering and absolute reliability.

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    This product is made of high-quality CNC-machined aluminium and will look great on your motorbike.

    To ensure that it gives you many years of service, please observe the following care instructions:

    1. After installing the product, and each time you wash your motorbike, apply a wax-based care product, e.g. Procycle Polishing Wax, Order no. 10004923 for protection against wind and weather. You may need to repeat the application after an outing in winter weather, rain or salty air (near the coast).

    2. Remove any corrosion as soon as possible using a standard aluminium polish (e.g. Autosol Aluminium Polish, Order no. 10004421).

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    Modern vehicle accessories of different types now frequently carry an "E" approval mark valid throughout Europe. This "E" mark, which is made up of a combination of letters and numbers, is clearly displayed on the product and shows the application tested, the country in which testing was carried out and, where appropriate, the vehicle type to which approval applies. EC type approval for exhaust systems, for example, are always issued for a specific vehicle type, whereas in the case of lighting, they apply to an entire group of vehicles, e.g. motorcycles.
    This certification mark is the sole proof of legality stipulated by law, i.e. no written report or entry in the vehicle documents by TÜV (German Technical Inspection Association) is required. However, when it comes to installing accessories, the relevant guidelines of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StvZO) must always be observed.
    At at a roadside check or a TÜV vehicle inspection, the registered keeper is only required to show the "E" mark. It is then up to the official in charge whether to check the mark with the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) in Flensburg (or equivalent type approval authority in other countries), which is able to decode all certification marks.

    Original parts on newer vehicles that have been given an "E" mark at the factory may only be replaced with accessories that have likewise undergone E-approval. An E-certified mirror may not, for example, by replaced with a mirror that only has TÜV approval under the German vehicle licensing regulations.

    Product information

    Motogadget LED T. Signal Light mo.blaze

    motogadget LED Turn Signal Light mo.blaze ice

    Cool as Ice! The mo.blaze ice is the brand new LED turn signal light by motogadget.
    It is a completely new concept, has a fascinating design and is a technically sophisticated implementation of a familiar component.

    The transparent scratch-resistant glass body gives the mo.blaze a very neutral and discreet look. The casing, machined from billet aluminium, can be ordered in an anodized black or silver and high-gloss polished finish. The turn signal is a perfect match to all styles, paint designs and types of motorcycles.

    The new TranzLight technology (TLT, patent pending) turns the body of the turn signal into the actual light.
    The intensiLED technology, developed by motogadget, generates the amount of light required and consists of three key aspects:

    • Specially selected, most efficient high-performance LEDs
    • Constant current source, which is IC-controlled and has a clock frequency of 330 kHz
    • Special collimator lens that feeds the LED light into the glass body

    An important aspect of the TranzLight technology is the added safety it offers through improved visibility of the turn signal light. The light is emitted at an angle of almost 180° which makes it visible from the front, rear and side.

    • 12 V/ 3 W
    • Turn signal dimensions (WxH) approx. 65 x 20.5 mm
    • Delivered with mounting screws and connector cable
    • E-approved
    • Ø Connection of the indicator arm 16 mm
    • Price per piece

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