NGK Ignition Lead with Plug

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Manufacturer details: NGK

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No.1 on the street, in motorsport and in series production

NGK puts the spark in your motorbike. The Japanese spark plug manufacturer is committed to research and development. That's why NGK has become the OEM for a large number of renowned car and motorbike makers. The big names in racing, too, choose technology from the global market leader.

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  • Product information

    NGK Ignition Lead with Plug

    NGK spark plug cables with plugs

    Unlike conventional plastic spark plug cables, the modern silicone cables provide excellent protection against moisture, and therefore good long-term conductivity.

    • NGK connector/lead sets satisfy the most stringent criteria.
    • The "Racing" versions also come equipped with fracture-resistant and waterproof silicone connectors..
    • The standard versions have a phenolic resin connector with silicone seal.
    • To fit the "Racing" connectors Order no. 10035352, 10035353 and 10035355, the plugs must be fitted with the round adapter caps (these are always included with the plugs).
    • If spark plug cables that are moulded into the coil need to be replaced, they should be cut off in such a way that they can be connected to the new cables by means of the adapter element (Order no. 10035359)
    • Technical expertise is needed for this operation!

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