PROCYCLE Anti-Squeal-Paste For Brakes 35g

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PROCYCLE Anti-Squeal-Paste For Brakes 35g

PROCYCLE Brake Anti-squeal Paste:

Procycle Brake Anti-squeal Paste is suitable for the entire braking system at disc brake pads, bolts, pins, and also at contact points on drum brakes.
Eliminates squeal during braking, and is also an effective preventative measure. Procycle Brake Anti-squeal Paste adheres powerfully, is resistant to road salt and waterspray, provides optimum protection against corrosion and also helps to keep the braking system in perfect working order. It does not contain any copper components, which also makes it ideal for motorcycles equipped with antilock braking systems (ABS). Can also be used for aluminium brake callipers.

Contains: 35 g.

Instructions for use:
Clean the brake system thoroughly before use. We recommend Procycle Brake Cleaner. Order no. 10004977 (Contains: 750 ml). Then coat the contact surfaces and the reverse of the brake pads, and also all moving parts such as springs and bolts, with a suitable quantity of anti-squeal paste. Wipe off excess paste.

Do not apply Procycle Brake Anti-squeal Paste to brake discs or friction linings.

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