Procycle Battery Terminal Grease 50g

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Procycle Battery Terminal Grease 50g

PROCYCLE Battery Terminal Grease:

Procycle Battery Terminal Grease has been specially developed for lubricating battery terminals and connectors in your bike's electrical system. It prevents acid damage and leakage currents, and also reduces any contact resistance effectively. Procycle Battery Terminal Grease ensures reliable starting and bright lighting, and also extends the life of your battery. Will not harm metal, paints or plastics.

Contains: 50 g.

Instructions for use:
Carefully clean battery terminals and clamps with a wire brush (e.g. Order no. 10003950) and connect battery according to manufacturer's instructions. Then coat battery terminals and clamps, particularly the screw connections, thinly with battery terminal grease. Repeat each time you service your bike, or at least at the start of the season. Apply grease to other electrical connections in areas exposed to waterspray.

Avoid prolonged exposure of rubber components to this product.

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