Smart Turn System 2nd generation
Automatic turn signal cancelling

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Turn signals that self-cancel after turning are standard on cars. But for motorcycle riders they're something they could only dream of- until now! The Smart Turn System (or STS for short) from the Slovenian start-up firm Movalyse has made this technology a reality. Movalyse succeeded in precisely defining each motorcycle manoeuvre by means of special, highly sensitive movement sensors and a special algorithm. This was the basis for the STS. The position of the motorcycle following a turn causes the turn signals to self-cancel. That means the rider is able to concentrate on the road ahead and not worry about manually cancelling their turn signals each time. And other road-users are not confused by motorcycle riders who forget to cancel their signals. This makes riding in traffic safer and also considerably more relaxed.

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  • Product information

    Smart Turn System 2nd generation
    Automatic turn signal cancelling

    When you're driving a car, it's easy, of course. The turn signal cancels itself automatically after you turn. But what about on a motorcycle? Self-cancelling isn't possible, you might think. Wrong! Because the STS Smart Turn System does exactly this job. And that can potentially be a life-saver for bikers.

    All too often, motorcycle riders forget to cancel their turn signals. After all, you can easily fail to notice the acoustic or visual reminder. And this can often result in a dangerous situation, or even an accident, because other road users misinterpret the flashing turn signal. The Smart Turn System puts an end to the problem. This innovative system is suitable for all motorcycles with a mechanical turn signal switch and a flasher unit, and it's easy to connect via a universal wiring harness.

    • STS detects every manoeuvre: left/right turn, roundabouts and lane changes
    • Self-cancelling without any delay
    • STS is suitable for motorcycles with either LED or conventional turn signals
    • It also functions with resistors fitted for LED turn signals
    • You can still control your turn signals manually
    • STS is certified street-legal in Germany
    • It doesn't affect your motorcycle electronics
    • Waterproof, dustproof and heat-resistant IP67

    The system is compatible with all motorcycles that come with a mechanical indicator switch. To find out if your bike has a mechanical turn signal switch, you can conduct the following test:

    1. Remove the key (the ignition must be off)
    2. Push the indicator switch in one direction
    3. Insert the key and start the engine

    It is a mechanical system if the corresponding blinkers light up.

    How it differs from the 1st generation:

    • New, flatter housing made of polyamide
    • Waterproof and dustproof to IP67

    In the box:

    • STS unit
    • Universal wiring harness
    • Connectors and fittings
    • Installation instructions

    Please note:
    Before riding an unfamiliar or borrowed motorcycle, it's a good idea to check whether it is also equipped with a Smart Turn System. Because: No STS means no self-cancelling of the turn signals!

    By the way - if you sell your motorcycle, the STS is quick and easy to remove again, so you can return the motorcycle to its original state. You can then install your STS on your new machine, and it will work perfectly again.

  • MOTORRAD Issue 17-2018

    "Motorrad" magazine tested the STS in its 17-2018 issue and rated it "GOOD". The following features were given special mention:

    - Turn signal cancellation works wonderfully in everyday use
    - Sensor also registers lane changes and roundabouts reliably

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