Spark Plug Socket Tool For 16/18/21 mm

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Spark Plug Socket Tool For 16/18/21 mm

The most widely used external hex spark plugs come in 16, 18 and 21 mm sizes. Assuming you have three motorcycles, Murphy's Law would inevitably mean that you need a different spark plug wrench for each engine. So it's best to choose our "three-in-one" tool from the outset. That way you're equipped for all sizes. What's more, this compact wrench is so sturdy, you'll never need any other tool for these spark plug sizes.

  • For 16, 18 and 21 mm external hex spark plugs
  • With sliding T-bar
  • Very compact
  • Length approx. 7.5 cm

Another bonus:
When you need to replace your spark plugs, the Louis Bike Database will tell you whether it's better to choose iridium plugs instead of standard ones. The advantages are clear to see:

  • Iridium spark plugs are immune to carbon fouling
  • They have a long service life
  • They maximise engine efficiency - better combustion, lower fuel consumption

Your engine will run smoother than ever, and your acceleration will improve. It's time to change to iridium!

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