T&T Multifunctional Instrument
With Black Dial

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Tumbleton and Twist

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Classic design meets high-tech

The proverbial attention to detail and to the English/Italian design of the 50s and 60s was the driving force behind the development of the Tumbleton & Twist instruments and clocks. High-quality digital and analogue electronics, brand-name movements, installed in stainless steel, aluminium and glass. The style of the precise round instruments and clocks goes perfectly with classic bikes, choppers, custom bikes or café racer conversions.

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    Stainless steel is a collective term for rustproof steel. It is much more resistant to corrosion than non-alloyed steels. Stainless steel does not deteriorate, and is hygienic, UV-resistant, non-corroding, fracture-proof, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It does not weather and can be recycled in its entirety, even after many years. Technically, the term "stainless steel" refers to corrosion-resistant steel alloys with a wide variety of compositions but always containing a high percentage of chromium (usually a minimum of 10.5%)


    Stainless steel should be cleaned regularly like all other materials, especially after exposure to salty air (near the coast), and also at regular intervals.
    Water can easily collect in corners, edges and screw connections, resulting in corrosion. So careful cleaning is important, and if necessary screws should be undone in order to clean the parts thoroughly.
    Do not leave rusty steel parts against stainless steel to avoid the rust "contamination".

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    German type approval ("ABE)" allows the relevant accessory to be used on the vehicle models listed in the test report. Here it is the type abbreviation and not the maker's designation that is important for identifying the vehicle. The test report must be carried when riding in case it needs to be presented at a road-side check or vehicle safety inspection.
    Accessories with type approval do not have to be registered in the vehicle documents! Those who do not want to carry the test report with them all the time can (for example) arrange to have the product registered by the Technical Inspection Association (subject to a charge).
    If the accessory is to be used on a vehicle that is not listed in the type approval, an individual component approval is required. Although ABE type approval confirms the proper installation and safety of the product, it is the inspector who has to decide according to his technical expertise whether it is suitable for use on the vehicle.

    An electric scooter with "ABE" approval has a type approval for Germany stating that the relevant vehicle satisfies all the relevant requirements of the eKFV (Small Electric Vehicle Ordinance in Germany) for the approval. In addition, insurance of the electric scooter is compulsory and use on pavements is forbidden. It can only be ridden on cycle paths and on the road (if a cycle path is not available). The minimum age for riding an electric scooter is 14 years. Although a driving license and helmet are not mandatory, they are highly recommended. An electric scooter must always be ridden solo.

    T&T Multifunctional Instrument
    With Black Dial

    Classic multifunctional cockpit instrument with the most important displays. Suitable for two- and four-stroke motorcycles and also quads and ATVs with 12 V DC electrical system and battery.


    • Suitable for all ignition systems
    • Analogue speedo up to 220 km/h
    • Digital tachometer up to 20,000 rpm
    • Gear-shift indicator programmable in increments of 100
    • Odometer up to 99,999 km
    • Trip counter up to 9999.9 km
    • 24-hour clock
    • Indicator lights for: neutral, high beam, turn signals, warning light
    • Wheel size from 300 mm to 2,500 mm can be set in 1-mm increments
    • Dimensions: Stainless-steel housing (dia. x D) approx. 64 x 54 mm
    • Bezel dia. approx. 69 mm
    • Includes fittings, mounting bracket, pulse transmitter with sturdy holder and also installation and operating instructions in German.

    The Hall generator has three connection cables, Red=Positive input 5 V, White=Pulse, Black=Negative

    Important: If your motorcycle has a battery charging indicator light, it must not be simply deactivated, as this may cause the charging circuit to stop functioning (e.g. on BMW). Either connect the charging indicator separately with the originally specified wattage, or use the warning light on the T&T instrument in combination with a resistor to equalise the original wattage of the charging indicator light.

    If you use the magnets supplied, please observe the marking. On one side, you will find either an N or a red line. The side with this marking must face outwards (towards the sensor).