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The first Vespa, brainchild of engineer Corradino d'Ascanio, appeared in 1946, and it did not take long for this new vehicle concept to win countless admirers. In the fifties, the Vespa was already famous north of the Alps, and was soon imitated by many other manufacturers. Nothing has changed there - and the same goes for the Italian "Wasp" itself, except that it has been continuously enhanced in terms of both engineering and comfort. The Vespa long ago achieved a cult status which, it is fair to say, no other scooter can ever aspire to. Vespa - much more than just a means of getting from A to B. The name is still synonymous with style and elegance, Mediterranean joie de vivre, and a little Italian flair in our daily lives!


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  • Vespa Money Box "Service"

    Do you ever wonder what to do with all the coins that seem to build up in your pocket? We think that every home should have a handy container for collecting all that loose change. A Vespa *SERVICE* Money Box, for example, is the perfect answer.

    With this money box on your shelf, you'll soon find you've saved quite a tidy sum without really noticing it.

    The recessed lid has a large slit, so coins and notes slide in easily. You can open and close it again by simply pressing gently, which makes this is a "money box for life". Unlike a traditional piggy bank, you don't need a hammer if you need to take out a little cash now and then!


    • Diameter approx. 10 cm
    • Height: approx. 13 cm