Louis portraits

Stories from our team members who are bikers at heart.

Are you a #BIKERATHEART? So are we at Louis! We found our absolute dream job here, combining our passion with our daily work.
Always looking to go the extra mile for you ;-)

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"Turning your passion into a career".


At the Spreewaldring Training Center


Instructor at the Louis Academy


There's only one way to travel - by motorcycle


Holiday in Andalusia


Now that's something! At the race track in Padborg


Home sweet home

"Love at first sight: AMAZING! This is where you want to work! "

Patricia Ackerschott


Dream job

I turned my passion into my career, and got my dream job into the bargain!

My passion for motorbikes started when I was 15. Back then, my moped licence opened up a whole new world – suddenly I could get from my village into the town on my own. And it was fantastic fun as well! From my moped I moved on to my beloved scooter, and then my first 125cc motorcycle. Until I could get my "real" motorcycle licence, my pals always let me ride pillion – better than nothing at the time ;-)

In our village back then, we had to buy whatever gear the local motorcycle dealership had. I first came across Louis when I moved to the city – and it was love at first sight. The first time I went into the Louis store, bought something and left again, I said to myself: AMAZING! This is where you want to work! In 2009 I was able to turn my hobby into my career. And after 10 years as a store manager, I can now pass on all my experience and passion for the hobby and the job to my colleagues. As a store manager, I always enjoyed helping other people and showing them the ropes. So I knew that the job as "Instructor at the Louis Academy" was my meant for me.

In my spare time it's all about motorcycles, naturally. I currently ride an MT-09, which is my street and adventure bike. I swapped my chopper (Suzuki VS1400 Intruder) for a GSX-R750, which I now take to the race track.

Image: ©Patricia

Tour through Norway

Tour through Norway

Home port of Hamburg

At the Nürburgring

Denmark "paradise of twists & turns"

Through Austria on the Speed Triple

Col Agnel mountain pass

"The great thing is that I'm still involved with motorcycles every day".

Bjoern Ahlers

Björn, Head of Marketing & Communication


My name is Björn and I've been working in the Advertising Department at Louis for 20 years now.

I'm a biker at heart because I've been riding motorcycles since the age of 18.

Apart from my love of bikes, my other passions are my wife and two children, and also our dog. So, for me, time spent on my motorcycle is a very special pleasure. The great thing is that I'm still involved with motorcycles every day, so you can't really call it work. Maybe "Leisure+" would be more apt. And each year my personal biking highlight is a tour to one of Europe's beautiful motorcycle regions with a group of old friends. So far, we've been to Scotland, most of the Alpine countries, the Pyrenees, Norway and Denmark, and a few other places. I'm very lucky that my family allows me to do all that.

My motorcycle CV: I started off with a 34hp EN 500 – that sounds worse than it is! Back then it was fantastic fun. Then I got an XJR1300 – really nice bike – but after two accidents it was eventually a write-off. Next up was a Harley Wide Glide – that just had to be, because I was fulfilling a childhood dream. But it rode very differently to how I'd imagined, so I sold it. After that, I needed something a bit more dynamic for a couple of years, so I changed to a Triumph Speed Triple. And nowadays I belong to the army of BMW GS1200 riders. It's not something I could ever have imagined in the past, but for the sort of touring I do it's a really fun machine.

Image: ©Björn

Atlantic coast around Carrapateira

Australia with the F800GS

Enduro racing in Denmark

The Beast: KTM Super Duke 1290 SE

USA: Route 66 and Grand Canyon

Bremerhaven "Fischereihafenrennen" with the Honda Hawk

With accompaniment through Iceland

"Somehow it was inevitable that I would end up at Louis in Kiel"

Hinrich Kruetzfeldt

Hinrich with long hair. Wow, how time flies!

Petrolhead / Motorhead

It all started with my first moped (a Puch Maxi S), which I rode to work each night through snow and rain. That's how I first caught the biking bug. Later I secretly took my motorcycle test, and when I passed, I was shouting for joy inside my helmet. Strangely, my mother wasn't nearly as enthusiastic.

The bike world has had me firmly in its grip ever since. It doesn't really matter whether it's on the road, muddy off-road trail, curvy race track, or a wild adventure trip. Or doing any sort of motorcycle conversion. Everything about bikes interests me, and I'll give anything a try. Enduro racing in Portugal or Romania, going to biker meets with my mates, a winter trip to Norway or taking part in the Great German Road Race "Fischereihafenrennen" in Bremerhaven multiple times: I've done it all! Every holiday has been on a motorcycle, and that just came naturally, really. I was also able to fulfil one of my lifelong dreams. In 2015 I spent several months in Australia with my BMW F800GS. At the same time I just couldn't resist constantly modifying my equipment, clothing and, of course, my bikes. I'm not a trained mechanic but I've taught myself a lot over the years. The Louis Academy has been a huge help, too. And that's how I ended up getting one motorcycle after the other. Currently I've got a Honda Hawk NT 650 GT (my old love, since 1991), a KTM 1290 Super Duke R Special Edition (my new love), a Suzuki DR-Z400S (for touring), Suzuki DRZ 400 E (for off-road), Zündapp ZD 10 (heirloom).

Somehow it was inevitable that I would end up at Louis in Kiel, turning my hobby into a career. And I've been here ever since 1998. Wow, how time flies! The work has always been really interesting and exciting. New innovations are coming onto the market all the time. The thick old paper catalogue has given way to the more up-to-date and faster version: the Internet. Modern communication systems for the rider and fast electronics on and inside the bike are standard virtually across the board, now. Probably you'll soon be able to control the entire motorcycle from your smartphone. The self-riding BMW already exists. It all means that, working at Louis, I have to keep up-to-date. But most of all it's the customers who make sure things never get boring. You meet all sorts of people. The classic motorcycle rider in a sleeveless denim jacket is becoming a much rarer sight out on the road. Instead, you have every type of customer, from scooter rider to racer and fully equipped Goldwing fan. And from total beginner to weather-beaten old hand. As for women taking the handlebars instead of the pillion seat, well that's almost ancient history. For a long time it seemed that young people weren't really interested in motorcycle riding, but now the trend is changing and I see more and more young people with a helmet in our shop. And with the new e-bikes the future is sure to be just as fascinating and varied.

Image: ©Hinrich ©Kirsten Täuber ©Helen Lloyd