Queens of the Road

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Long gone are the days when lady bikers were regarded as something rather exotic. More than half a million bikes are registered to women. And that number is rising all the time.

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Individual style and expert advice

Just like their male counterparts, women bikers are a very diverse bunch. They include occasional pillion passengers, scooter riders who commute daily to work, hobby racers, touring holidaymakers etc., etc.

Whatever category you belong to, Louis aims to supply exactly the right style of outfit for you. That's why at every Louis store you'll find very knowledgeable female customer advisers who are bikers themselves. They understand what lady bikers look for and are always pleased to give you useful tips – whether about clothing or technical matters.

On the following pages, we've put together valuable advice from our experienced female members of staff. Let yourself be inspired.

Women's motorcycle gear

Whether you're a rider or passenger, wearing the right gear is always important. Louis has a huge choice of motorcycle clothing that's as fashionable as it is functional. So you'll always feel comfortable and safe when you take to the road.

[IMAGE: Womens motorcycle gear.]

Women's motorcycle helmets

More and more helmet manufacturers are making helmets with colours and designs specifically for women bikers. At Louis, you can find a vast range of these helmets. Of course, they also include no-frills black versions.

[IMAGE: Womens motorcycle helmets.]

[IMAGE: Asterisk.]Conseil : Outre de nombreuses pièces de rechange, vous trouverez chez Louis également des mousses de joue alternatives pour certains casques.

[IMAGE: Womens motorcycle boots.]

Women's motorcycle boots

Good protection for your feet is a must. But when it comes to the style, you're spoilt for choice with the Louis boot range. Remember, shopping for shoes at Louis is a joy!

Motorcycle clothing for women

Leather or textile …

[IMAGE: Womens leather clothing.]
[IMAGE: Textile Womens clothing.]
[IMAGE: Combi Womens clothing.]

… is mainly a functional question. Textile jackets can be worn anywhere. They keep you warm, and the climate membrane keeps you dry. Leather is still first choice when it comes to protection, so it's ideal for sporty biking. But whichever you choose, you will look great.

On the one hand, there are classic leather jackets which look fantastic with motorcycle jeans, for example. The alternative is a sporty combination jacket with a zipper for connecting it to matching trousers.

Expert tip on choosing leather or textile: "Leather gear will certainly withstand a short shower if it's well impregnated. But for longer tours, you should remember to take rain gear with you. Lined rainsuits from Proof are ideal for cold, wet weather."

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  • Why it is worth looking for special ladies' fits when it comes to clothing.

    [IMAGE: Tips when trying on.]

    [IMAGE: A.]

    Height: As well as being smaller than men on average, women also have shorter arms and legs. For this reason, always pay attention to the fit of the protectors when trying on.

    [IMAGE: B.]

    Chest: The sportier, or rather tighter, the leather jacket, the more important the design of the chest area.

    [IMAGE: C.]

    Waist: Ladies' waist cut jackets don't just fit better, but look better as well. Don't forget about the back protector when trying on!

    [IMAGE: D.]

    Hip: Hip protectors are another inevitable part If you're not keen, they can be easily removed, but in doing so, you would be doing away with a level of protection.

    [IMAGE: E.]

    Stride length: Motorcycle trousers have to be cut "too long" to be able to sit properly on the machine and overlap the boots far enough. Exception: Leather combination trousers that tuck into your boots. The best way is to try them on with boots on a motorcycle, all at the same time.

Technical clothing for female bikers

Bikers used to say: "You either freeze or bake." But nowadays Louis offers a wide range of base layers that create a far more comfortable climate for your body.

Modern motorcycle clothing is designed to be worn according to the multi-layer principle:

Layer 1

Base layer: special synthetic fibres regulate your body temperature by allowing moisture on your skin to evaporate and wicking it away to the outside. That's also how the climate membrane functions – in summer AND winter. Conventional cotton shirts cannot do the same job because they absorb moisture.

[IMAGE: The functional clothing.]

Layer 2

Additional insulation for cold weather. It also serves to wick moisture away from your body. Lightweight technical shirts and jackets – likewise made of synthetic fibres – are ideal, as are fleece shirts and softshell jackets.

[IMAGE: The functional clothing.]

Layer 3

The outer protective layer. It not only protects you against injury in the event of an accident, but also keeps out the wind and rain. And, no less important, it ensures that moisture can be removed as water vapour via the climate membrane (which is a feature of most textile jackets and trousers).

[IMAGE: The functional clothing.]

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S100 Technical Fabric & Leather Wash

Special liquid detergent for functional clothing made of fabric and leather. Go to S100 Technical Fabric & Leather Wash »

Women's leisurewear and T-shirts

At the end of your tour, or any other time: at Louis, lady bikers will also find leisurewear that looks great when you're not on your bike. Tops, T-shirts and hoodies – from cool to sexy.

[IMAGE: Leisure wear.]
[IMAGE: Leisure wear.]

[IMAGE: Asterisk.]

Multipurpose scarf

One of the finest inventions since the dawn of motorcycles: They keep out the wind, cold and rain, can be used universally and are available at Louis in a vast range.

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Ladies' motorcycle helmets

[IMAGE: ladies motorcycle helmets.]

The golden rule when choosing a helmet is to make sure it's the right fit! The most fantastic design is not much good if the helmet is too tight and gives you a terrible headache after a quarter of an hour. So before you commit yourself to buying a helmet that has caught your eye, you should always try it on – the longer the better. All Louis stores offer you the opportunity to take your chosen helmet away and test-ride it.

[IMAGE: Tip]

Another good tip: if you're not really sure which helmet is the right one for you, your local Louis store offers top helmet advice.

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[IMAGE: helmets.]

Stylish hairdo under your helmet

  • What works best is a low ponytail or plaited pigtail
  • Several hair ties will prevent your mane from becoming hopelessly matted.

Motorcycle boots

Motorcycle boots are part of the essential gear that every biker must have – ideally with a sturdy sole plus toe, heel, ankle and shin guards. Of course, they're not designed for walking huge distances, but they should still be comfortable. And motorcycle boots can look good, too. Just check out the Louis range.

[IMAGE: Ladies motorcycle boots.]
[IMAGE: Ladies motorcycle boots.] [IMAGE: Daytona – ladies boots.]

[IMAGE: Asterisk.]

Daytona Lady Pilot GTX Ladies Boots[IMAGE: Daytona Lady Pilot GTX Damen Stiefel.]

Here's a great tip for shorter women. We have ladies' boots made by Daytona with discreetly integrated raised soles which give those extra few centimetres you need to stand confidently at traffic lights, for example. Go straight to Daytona ladies' boots >

[IMAGE: Louis Profi Tipp.]

Expert tip on seat height: "Boots with higher soles are a big advantage for being able to stand with your feet firmly on the ground. But they could make it difficult to get your foot under the gearshift. So remember to check this when you try on a pair of boots. Fortunately, most gearshifts are quite easy to adjust for height."

(Julia Benzmüller, Darmstadt store manager)

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[IMAGE: Motorcycling is way too beautiful to leave it to the men alone..]

Women bikers are taking the world by storm

[IMAGE: (from left to right) Stunt-Girl Mai-Lin Senf, Foto: Volker Rost; Weltreisende Madeleine Becker, Foto: Daniel Lengwenus; Rallye-Pilotin Tina Meier, Foto: Rieka Anscheit;]

(from left to right) Stunt girl Mai-Lin Senf (photo: Volker Rost); World traveler Madeleine Becker (photo: Daniel Lengwenus); Rallye driver Tina Meier (photo: Rieka Anscheit)

And they're doing it with real passion and lots of fun. Here we present a couple of them: stunt-girl, rally biker, globetrotter – perfectly normal women, basically.

(not available in English)

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If it doesn't fit …

[IMAGE: Better ergonomics makes biking more fun]

Motorcycles are still built by men, and mostly for men. But that doesn't mean women have to put up with the inadequacies of a stock motorcycle. A few technical modifications will make most machines far better suited to the female anatomy.

[IMAGE: The lowering kit.]

[IMAGE: Asterisk.]

Seat height

Problem number one for many women is the height of the seat. The Louis range includes ride lowering kits for many motorbike models. They make a difference of 3 to 5 centimetres at the tail. To ensure that this modification doesn't have an adverse effect on the handling, the front forks should be raised in the triple trees at the same time. Your sidestand may then need shortening. Any motorcycle workshop will be able to do this conversion for you. An alternative/additional adjustment is to trim down the seat foam.

[IMAGE: Better ergonomics makes biking more fun.]

But remember: the width of your motorcycle and seat is also decisive in whether you can reach the ground with both feet.

"Three factors to consider when seeking a secure stance:
1) Seat height (and width)
2) Length of arch around groin area
3) Width of gap between feet"

[IMAGE: Steering wheel extension.]
[IMAGE: Various handlebars.]

Handlebar position

On average, women have shorter arms than men. This "reach problem" is very easily solved by adjusting the handlebar position. At Louis, you'll find various adapters which raise the handlebar or set it further back. We also have handlebars in a wide range of widths and heights.

[IMAGE: Double asterisks.]

Different handlebar shapes

For more relaxed riding and better handling. For a variety of riding styles and types of use.

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Grip width

A problem with many smaller motorcycles, in particular, is that the brake and clutch levers are not adjustable – which is annoying for women with small hands. Louis supplies levers which solve this problem, and also look better than the stock levers.

[IMAGE: Adjustable brake and clutch levers.]

Expert tip on ergonomics: "Adjustable clutch and brake levers are a real safety bonus for women with small hands. And with a grip heater, you won't have to worry about cold fingers."

[IMAGE: Amateurbike - KTM Duke.]

Tips for new bikers on how to choose a motorcycle

If you're still looking for the right motorcycle, you'll find some useful tips on our pages for newcomers to biking.

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[IMAGE: Workshop Basics.]

Women and machines …

In our experience, women are often lacking in confidence when it comes to motorcycle mechanics. But there's no reason to. You really don't need a degree in engineering to do normal maintenance and smaller repair jobs. Just take a bit of time to familiarise yourself with your motorcycle and the DIY tips from Louis. They explain the workings of your machine step by step.

[IMAGE: Chain maintenance.]
[IMAGE: motorcycle beginners.]
[IMAGE: Motorcycle oil change.]
[IMAGE: Washing-polishing.]

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