Profiles of women: Taking over the world with a motorcycle

[IMAGE: Profiles of women: Drive off, get a taste of adventure and discover the world..]

Drive off, get a taste of adventure and discover the world.

Stories from passionate woman bikers with memorable experiences. Each story is unique, but they are all exciting and inspiring.

Tina Meier

[IMAGE: Tina Meier.]

Foto: © Maindru

[IMAGE: „Motifs are like champagne – they have to sparkle”.]
  • The slightly different adventure of a lifetime.

    Tina Meier is an expert at holding on, a rally driver, a motivator, an instructor and a business coach. She and her bike have assembled at the start line of the world’s toughest marathon rally four times. On average, between three and six women out of a total of around 180 starters take part in the Dakar Rally. Only half of the participants reach the destination.

    Along the stages of the Dakar Rally, Tina Meier takes you along on a journey through various subjects from everyday business life, which has plenty of parallels with everyday life in a rally.

    In a very animated and exciting way, she explains how she managed to passionately and creatively carve out a place for herself in this male-dominated field. She persistently presses on to her destination, all the while trusting in her own skills; she comes up with a rough plan, and as for the rest – well, that’s just improvisation. Taking part in the Dakar Rally requires riders to be mentally performing at their best, to concentrate on the road for ten long hours and to remain fully aware of everything that’s going on around them, because otherwise they risk falling. Suffer defeats, learn how to turn disappointments into positive influences, and experience your limits time and again as a …


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Madeleine Becker

[IMAGE: Madeleine Becker.]

Foto: © Daniel Lengwenus

[IMAGE: “… now, looking back, it was the best time of my life“.]
  • (An excerpt from the blog on

    Trade the student life for a slice of freedom
    … but where can you really find this freedom you’re supposed to have as a student? Up until now, I’ve never felt it much, even though I’ve got “libertad”, the Spanish word for freedom, tattooed on my neck. Well, then again, it’s just a word on my body, not an achievement.

    It must really be some sort of bad joke – mustn’t it? – that I’ll go the last year and a half of my Master’s degree without really tasting, feeling or smelling that freedom that students are supposed to have. Where is real life, where you don’t look at your smartphone an average of 150 times a day? My home’s my prison, and the iron bars made with the words of my Bachelor’s thesis are still ever-present. I don’t want to do this anymore.

    The old adage “no risk – no fun” springs to mind. I’ve always wanted to ride a motorbike through South America. So why not now? Why not simply leave everything behind for once? There’s nothing to stop me. Every student should live their dream during their studies. So, now, I’m raiding my savings account and booking a flight to São Paulo. One-way …

Mai-Lin Senf

[IMAGE: Stunt-Girl Mai-Lin Senf.]
[IMAGE: Stunt-Girl Mai-Lin Senf.]

Fotos: © Volker Rost

  • Short biography and my unexpected (dream) career

    I got my motorbike licence at the age of 20, and I spent a whole year driving around “like a normal person”. Then I went along to a big motorbike exhibition and watched stunt shows for the first time ever.

    Filled with fascination and completely mesmerised, I saw how the stunt riders controlled their bikes. I was so impressed by the acrobatic stunts that I went along to a two-day wheelie workshop soon after.

    As I’m the only woman in a ten-man troupe, I don’t come off too badly, and plus, I’ve discovered a new passion!

    I converted the bike I had at the time, a CB 500, and then spent every spare minute I had practising the stunts in a car park. I got better and better one day at a time, and more and more people came to watch me train.

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  • We are a brand new racing team and in 2017, we will be racing for the first time, kicking off with 2 Belgian Endurance Cups: the “Nineties Endurance Competition” and the “Twin Cup”. In 2017, the races in Belgium (Zolder), the Netherlands (TT Assen & Zandvoort) and France (Croix en Ternois) are taking place.

    The Motorsportschool Zolder nominated us during an exclusive selection event on the “Action Kart” karting circuit in Hasselt. There were sport exercises, a group interview and a competition on the exclusive kart bikes which one can only ride at that location.

    What makes our team stand out is the fact we are all girls with a passion for racing motorcycles on a track. We organise everything ourselves, from getting to the venue to technical motorbike checks. We manage and implement everything.

    The Motorsportschool Zolder is our main sponsor and they will supply us with a 1999 Honda CBR 600 F, fuel, brake pads and tyres (for wet and dry weather) for the whole season.

    We are very pleased that we have received a 2017 Z650 from Kawasaki for the “Twin Cup”. 2017: girl power is on the rise!!

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